What is ROC filing?

As per the Companies Act 2013, each and every company needs to file their annual accounts and returns within 30 and 90 days post the conclusion of Annual General Meeting. It is to be noted that all the annual accounts as well as the returns are governed by different sections of the Companies Act.

What is the process of ROC filing?

The process of ROC filing both annual accounts and annual returns are as follows:

  • Holding a board meeting in order to authorize the auditors for preparing the financial statements and authorizing the Company’s Director for preparing both the Board reports and the annual returns.
  • he company’s director would produce the drafted financial statements, annual returns and board reports that are to be approved in the Board meeting.
  • Finally, conduct the company’s annual general meeting and then pass the required resolution which also needs approval from the shareholders of the company at the meeting.

How to do it online?

You can go to the online MCA website and download the form by following the given steps

  • Go to www.mca.gov.in and then Click on MCA services menu followed E-filings and then Company form download.
  • Fill in the form carefully and also attach required documents as asked in the form, then you would need to click check form followed by attaching the digital signature of the director and then you would need to do the pre-scrutiny.
  • This would help you to register, once done you can log in with your credentials.
  • Once logged in, upload the e-forms and then make required payments.

Things to remember

  • The Board meeting notice needs to be sent to all the directors 7 days prior and they have to give acknowledgement of the same.
  • The financial statements including the consolidated ones shall be signed by the chairperson on behalf of the board or by two directors of the company.
  • All the members should receive a notice of the general meeting 21 days prior including the directors, CFO, company secretary etc. The notice should also have venue and also should be given on the website.
  • An accounts book should be prepared and kept at the registered office of the company.

In order to do ROC filing without any hassle, you can take the help of tax filing companies like Ezybiz India who helps in all round ROC filings and make your business journey hassle free.


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